Understanding shutter speed for photography-An expert guide

Understanding shutter speed for photography-An expert Guide

It is also important understanding shutter speed. Firstly, you have to know how to set up camera speed.  You will have the shutter speed on the top left of the corner of the camera. On the others hand, if you notice minutely at the viewfinder, you will see that there are numbers at the bottom left the side of the screen. If you are unable to specify the shutter speed, you can check the aperture priority mode, there, you will have a view finder, after that, select the dark area. There, you will have lots of chance to increase and decrease the shutter speed.

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Let’s read about understanding shutter speed photographer

Understanding shutter speed is a crucial point for a photographer. If you want to have a panoramic scene and excellent pictures, there is no way except knowing shutter speed. However, let’s know about shutter of a camera first of all. Camera shutter is nothing but a curtain close to the camera sensor. It is always closed but opens when camera fire. After opening the shutter, it throws a flash of light. Again, it closes automatically after hitting the sensor. The shutter opens and closes while taking a photograph. But the shutter button helps to open and shut the screen.

Understanding shutter speed

Let’s come to the main point what shutter speed is? Shutter speed indicates a micro amount of time. When you take a photo, it takes the time to open and close the shutter of the camera.   But the speed of opening and closing varies from camera to camera.  It is better to have the shutter as much as faster.

If the shutter of your camera is faster, you can grab the dynamic action of real life quickly. You can create motion blur effect.  You may notice the speed of motion blur when you have the top level advertisement.  If you want to grab the concentration of your easily, you will have nothing alternative of the motion blur effect.

How to measure the shutter speed

The rate of the shutter is not same. It varies from shutter to shutter. The rate of the screen is judged with the fraction of a second. But the high speed needs for dynamic pictures. The shutter speed is 1/30, 1/60, 1/125. , 1/60(1/60th of a second)

How to set shutter speed

If you want to be perfect of understanding shutter speed, you have to know how to set the shutter speed. Perhaps, it is very clear to everyone that most of the camera shutter speeds through camera metering. If you adjust the auto mode of the camera, the shutter speed is selected automatically.   You can have two way of setting the shutter speed. One is shutter priority, and another is manual mode.

Understanding shutter speeds aperture


Aperture is nothing but a hole of a camera by which light enters into the camera body.   It is related to the depth field. The depth of fields means the sharpness of pictures.  The aperture of the camera may be large or small.  The small gap means the depth of field is large. The big gap means the depth of field is small. The ratio of the diameter of aperture means using the f- number. Here focal point stands for “f” such as f/8.0, f/2.0, f/5.6, f/2.8, f/4.0,

Understanding shutter speed for dummies

Understanding shutter speed is art in the spheres of digital photography. The interrelated setting helps you to have an excellent photo. This background also plays contribute for dummies.

Although the three initial configuration of a camera is the most important, understanding shutter speed is the most important factor for models.  If you want to take the eye-catching photo, you have to have knowledge of understanding shutter speed.

It is not only for photos or videos; rather it is necessary for dummies. Understanding shutter speed also needs for controlling the depth of the picture.  If you want to change the image of a photograph dramatically, dummies contribute widely.  Lately, it is evident that dummies are being used in different ways. If the dummies do not look well, it will not provide the ultimate result. So understanding the speed for models is more important as it is an essential part of photography.

 Understanding shutter speed for video

Firstly everyone has to keep in mind that understanding video mode is not like photography. Rather it takes more concentration.  It needs appropriate setting. There is lots of function of professional video creating. But among all others important roles, understanding speed for video is also the most important factors. Every video creator has to know the subject minutely. Otherwise, he will be deprived of his expected works.

Understanding motion blur for video capturing

You have to perceive the natural motion for capturing your expected video. But you have to know the appropriate shutter speed for this. Motion blur is part and parcel of understanding shutter speed. When the right amount of motion blur is available in the videos, it looks smoother, easier, and natural.

If there is any limitation in the shutting speed, there will also have a limitation in the combination during capturing. The videographer is challenging as one has to know aperture, filters, is and others. However, the most important things in this field that understanding shutter speed is more crucial.

However, following rules are mandatory.

Have the shutter speed double than frame rate. Such as if you shoot 24 fps, shutter speed should be 1/50th. If fps is 30, the correct shutter speed is 1/60th   if you want to have more motion blur visible, you should take the slower the shutter speed.

Final verdict,

Understanding shutter speed is the most sensitive work, whether you are a professional photographer or not is trivial facts,  Rather, it is the most relevant facts whether you can understand shutting speed or not. If you know, it is the best opportunity for you having the eye-catching picture. Bear in mind that closing speed is not only for having a photo, rather, it is needed for video and dummies also. So understanding crucial point is important fact overall.

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