Essential Camera And Requirements to Start Vlogging on YouTube

Essential Camera And Requirements to Start Vlogging on YouTube

Important Gears Needed to Become a Vlogging Sensation on YouTube

The world is changing at a rapid rate. You have to try out something new every day to survive in the industry. Until very recently, blogging was an excellent way to make an impression. Today, vlogging, also known as Video Blogging has become the flavor of the town. Channels like YouTube provide ample opportunities for vlogging. Let us look at some of the essential gears you need to become a vlogging sensation on YouTube.

  • DSLR camera:

    It is obvious that you cannot make a video without using a camera. When you have to use a camera, it makes sense to use the best in the business. A DSLR camera is any day better than an ordinary camcorder. It can take high quality video images in low light as well, something that a camcorder does not. There are lots of DSLR cameras available in the online market. Depending on your budget, you can make your choice. The Nikon D5300 should be the ideal one to begin with before you graduate to the high-end cameras like Canon 5D Mark III.• Lens:

    When you have decided to use the DSLR camera, you need lenses to support. Choose the lens according to the kinds of videos you wish to shoot. The Canon 2562A002 EF 28-135mm lens is an awesome choice. They do not cost much but provide some great output. You can always move on to the sophisticated ones as you gain experience.

    • Tripods:

    The tripods are essential because it allows you to dispense with the services of a camera operator. It is better to go for a sturdier tripod as you can use it for outdoor locations as well. Check out the compatibility with your DSLR before investing in a tripod. Nowadays, you have the flexible tripods in the market that enable you to take videos from different angles.

    • Lighting:

    Your videos need a professional look. Controlling your lighting is important for improving the recording quality of your camera. You can get away with a cheaper camera if you use high quality lighting. Take care to ensure that shadows do not obstruct your line of vision. Using ring lighting equipment is the best thing to do under these circumstances. Good backdrop lighting equipment is also useful to give your videos a professional look.

    • Microphone:

    You need your video blogs to have sound in order to make an effective statement. A good microphone can do the trick. You have a choice between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone. Both these types have their individual merits and demerits. The resulting audio signal from a condenser microphone is always better than that of a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are good for recording music from drums and electric guitars. They are cheaper than the condenser microphones. The Sennheiser EW P G3-B is a good one for both indoor and outdoor shoots. USB microphones are also very popular today, especially for voiceovers and podcasts.

    • Editing Software:

    Depending on the OS you use, you need specific YouTube editing software to produce quality video blogs. You can make use of in-built editing software like iMovie. Adobe Premiere Pro is a good editing software program compatible with both iOS and Windows. Sony Vegas Pro 13 is also easy-to-use software for video editing.

    • Laptops:

    This goes without saying that you need a good laptop in case you decide to take up vlogging as a career. The Apple MacBook Pro is an ideal one.

    • Drone:

    This is an absolute bonus. You do not actually need a drone for starting your career as a vlogger. However, as you gain experience, a drone allows you to experiment a lot. You should also check out the local regulations in the area you live as some areas do not allow flying of drones for security reasons.


Vlogging is an excellent career in great demand today. Having the right kind of equipment to enable you to shoot quality videos is an asset. You have just seen some basic requirements for creating good video blogs. Start with the basic amenities before moving on to the sophisticated ones. Have a happy time vlogging on YouTube.

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  • Great list of equipment needed for a vlog! I use a tripod, DLSR camera, microphone, and editing software myself.

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