Best camera/ camcorder needed for recording a piano concert


Photography is about freezing a moment to tell a story to the world. And good photography would encourage your mind to re-live that special moment for the first second time and the countless second times as you’re going to watch them.  Photographing a concert is hard and capturing a classical piano concert is a bit difficult as you have to capture or record the classic environment and the pictures of the best piano keyboards

Best piano keyboards

The necessity of good camera/camcorder to record a piano concert:

A piano concert is usually an indoor affair and therefore the low- light performance will be the key. Any good DSLR camera can record in low light, so you have to choose between those DSLR cameras with high ISO to reduce the noise of the image. One significant factor is the sensor size. The normal range camcorders have sensors of the 1/6th inch to the 1/3rd inch. Some high range camcorders have an inch of the sensor. But in my opinion, the 1/3rd inch sensor would be sufficient.  If you intend to use DSLR to video record the concert, the better option is to take an externally attachable mic.

The position of setting the camera/camcorder to get the best view:

Photographing a concert is always tricky as the light always changes with the rhythm. Video recording or photographing the photos depends upon the size of the concert hall. You have to fix focus the camera lens 85/1.8 for a small concert hall and 135/2 for a larger hall. If you have backstage access, then you can go behind the pianist and take a full view of the hall including the pianist or you can get different views of the pianist and the piano keyboard. Changing the camera settings according to your creativity is the key to getting memorable photos.

Photography or capturing the best piano keyboards of a concert

You can take photographs using the night mode which manually slows the shutter speed and lets more light to the sensor. As in a piano concert, the subject is still, noising the photograph won’t be much of a problem. Capturing the best piano keyboards photos is an art as the hands of the subject would move and you may have to use the steady shot and organize the focus points using the camera. Editing always plays an important part in this type of classical concert, so you have to edit the photos and the software provided with the camera always does well. But with the internet access, you can always download some other software. Recording the video with one DSLR is tricky as most DSLR have the maximum recording time of 30 minutes, so you may have to use two different DSLR for the concert and then you have to edit and synchronize and then you can have a seamless concert video.


To capture a great classic piano concert, bring the best lenses you have, open them as possible and let the light to come to your camera lenses and for sure the camera will take care of the rest. Be brave and creative, and ready to change your camera settings on the go. Capture the best piano keyboards photos, edit them well. Be flexible, think of some great angles and don’t get shy of capturing them.

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