Some important Tips for better photography to be professional

Some important Tips for better photography to be professional

Tips for better photography is to be crucial for you, If you would like to be a professional photographer. So, welcome today to learn a small package to get better control on photography as a professional.

Tips for better photography

Tips for better photography

* Landscape : Set  F number  max to make live in Landscape about  the cloud of the Sky.

* Depth of field: To reduce the  depth of field  or  increase  Bokeh , Keep Aperture & Zoom max   open for good pictures.

* Exposure Compensation (EV) -0.3  : For a good color  of pictures  in a day time, keep Exposure Compensation set at -0.3.

* Photo in  Raw Format : For better expression  & quality pictures,try to take pictures in Raw  Format .

* Macro lover?:Do  you  worry for Macro lover due to Macro lens? Don’t  worry ,use Magnifying glass  in front of lens for good output.

* Camera from Subject: To increase blur of pictures , keep background as far as possible & take flash as close as possible.

* Portrait in focus : For portrait, keep focus close to eyes.

* Day time photography:P option of camera can use while manual setting problem in day time  or getting less time.

* Portrait in Perfect Tone : For perfect tone Portrait , keep target exposure range in (+.3 to -.5)

* Portrait: You can use Prime lens or Tele lens to get max  Bokeh for the Portrait.

* 50MM Lens: F number keep 2.8  for portrait to get good result in 50mm lens.

* Wildlife Photography: For new photographer , aim eyes  to wildlife pictures Or in Facebook page.

* Lighting: Use Tripod in light for good result.

* Architectural Shot: For Architectural pictures you can use Black & Amp; white mode for good color.

* Indoor Photography: Use external flash for indoor photography. Flash bounces toward the  roof (if use External flash)  You can use white visiting card on external Flash.

Conclusively, I firmly believe that these simple but more effective tips for better photography can make you better if you take care of that.

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